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Affordable and Reliable Towing Service in Skagit County

Welcome to Skagit County Quick Towing, your trusted and reliable towing service provider! We specialize in efficient, and affordable towing solutions. Our skilled team will ensure your safety and satisfaction, 24/7. Trust Quick Towing to get you back on the road!

We provide a wide range of services:

  • Towing  (personal, heavy-duty, RV, motorcycle)

  • Jump starts 

  • Tire changes 

  • Emergency roadside assistance 

  • Accident recovery 

  • Vehicle Transportation

  • Winching Services 

  • And more

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The #1 Towing Services in Skagit County

Motorcycle Towing

We understand that when your two-wheeled pride and joy face a challenge on the road, what you need is the assurance of professional support. Our experienced team is ready to handle your motorcycle with the utmost care.  Trust Skagit County Quick Towing for a seamless motorcycle towing experience

Heavy-Duty Towing

We specialize in heavy-duty towing services. We can handle even the most challenging situations. We have tow trucks that have advanced technology to manage the recovery of large vehicles such as buses, trucks, RVs, and more. We will always handle your towing experience with professional care..

Roadside Assistance

We take pride in being your dependable roadside ally when the unexpected occurs. Whether you're facing a flat tire, dead battery, or lockout, our friendly and skilled team is available 24/7.

Imagine you're on the road, facing a sudden setback, and you're unsure of how to proceed. That's when we come to the rescue, providing prompt and friendly assistance to get you back on track. We offer a wide range of services from jump-starting your battery to changing a flat tire. We recognize that anyone can encounter hiccups on the road, and that's why we're always a phone call away.

Winching and Recovery Services

Skagit County Quick Towing specializes in winching and recovery services. We can handle the most challenging roadside situations. Our team has advanced tools and equipment to recover your vehicle in any road condition. We are a reliable choice for all your winching and recovery needs. Let us give you peace of mind in difficult situations.

Transport Services

Need a vehicle transported? We can transport classic cars, luxury vehicles, or commercial fleets. Utilizing advanced equipment your vehicle will be in safe hands. Skagit County Quick Towing is your trusted partner.

Accident Scene Cleanup

Skagit County Quick Towing is here to help with our professional accident scene cleanup services. Our experienced team will clear debris, and ensure the area is safe. Skagit County Quick Towing is a reliable choice for accident scene cleanup.

Tire Change Service

When it comes to tire change services, Skagit County Quick Towing has you covered. Our team is on call 24/7, ready to provide you with fast and efficient tire change assistance. Any kind of tire damage we got you covered. We will have your tire changed in no time.

Jump Start Service

Do you have a dead battery?  We will be right there to give you a jump.  We understand that a dead battery can be a frustrating experience. Skagit County Quick Towing prides itself on efficiency and customer service. We will get your car running again in no time!

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